Janice Wormworth
 A science writer with a background in biology and journalism, Janice has worked for more than 15 years to communicate the science of climate change.  A passion for biodiversity led her to begin Winged Sentinels as way to highlight the effects of climate change on the living world. She has worked for NGOs, business, and government in Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, and is an author or contributor to numerous reports, articles, and a documentary on climate change and energy issues.

Cagan bio pic

Cagan Sekercioglu is an assistant professor at the University of Utah Department of Biology and director of the non-profit conservation organization KuzeyDoga. His work includes the compilation of the most comprehensive database on the ecology of the world’s birds and he is among the most cited 1% of scientists of the past decade in ecology and environmental science. He received the 2008 Whitley Gold Award for grassroots conservation, and was named Turkey’s 2010 Scientist of the Year.  In 2011, Cagan was named by National Geographic as an Emerging Explorer, “one of 14 visionary young trailblazers who are pushing the boundaries of discovery, adventure and global problem-solving while still early in their careers.”

Cagan’s weblinks:
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Conservation of Tropical Birds (book, 2011)